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Practical Completion / Handover Reports

The practical completion or handover report provides an independent assessment with regard to the progress and quality of the work prior to final payment and / or possession of the building. In the case of an owner / builder, an independent practical completion report is normally required if you are hoping to get home warranty insurance cover on the dwelling.

When a practical completion report is commissioned, your consultant will make the necessary arrangements to attend site and complete a progress report in order to confirm that the building has reached practical completion.

He will also perform a detailed technical inspection of all accessible areas of the interior and exterior of the building. The inspection will identify any incomplete works, as well as issues with the quality of the completed building, with specific reference to the National Construction Code (NCC), the relevant Australian Standards, generally accepted construction industry tolerances and / or relevant manufacturers installation recommendations.

The report will detail the consultants determination with regard to the building having reached practical completion, a comprehensive list of any issues identified including expert opinion regarding the severity of any defects identified, photographic evidence (where possible) of the defects and a detailed assessment of the consultant's reasons for determining  that each individual issue is a defect.

Additionally, the handover report provides advice regarding the relevant certificates that should be obtained in relation to the completed works prior to handover.   

In most cases, the practical completion report does not prevent handover from happening, rather it places on record a detailed list of all items requiring attention either immediately or in the near future.

For owner / builders, the practical completion report can be upgraded to include a detailed scope of works for any items requiring immediate attention.

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