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Expert Witness and Tribunal Reports


Unfortunately there are times when it appears the only way forward for resolution of a particular building issue is litigation.


This is by far the least favourable way forward for any building dispute, as litigation can become extremely costly and time consuming.


If you find yourself heading down the path of litigation, (aside from obtaining legal advice as soon as practicable), a building consultant with the correct qualifications, experience and personal attributes may well be the make or break of your case.


You will need a building consultant that will be regarded by the court as an expert in their field, who is well versed in the requirements in relation to the different requirements for expert reports including Scott Schedules, and the provision of evidence when under cross examination.


When engaged as an expert witness, we produce documentation and act strictly in accordance with the relevant Procedural Directions and / or Expert Witness Code of Conduct, ensuring that the issues presented are factual, admissable and are given due weight in any legal proceedings.  


Our experience and ability to present our findings on the stand are key to a successful result.


Even if you don't believe you'll ever end up in court over your dispute, it is important to know that your building consultant is up to the task should the need arise.


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